Local hero – Bob Montgomery

Meet one of our best customers Bob Montgomery. A true gentleman, Bob is on his bike to raise awareness and money in the fight against MND and Huntington’s diseases. Bob’s next ride is from Perth to Darwin! Join him at the Blackheath Golf Club for a charity golf day to 19th February. Thanks Bob you’re a legend!

How many people do you know who’d embark on a 3200km bike trek aged 69? Well, that’s precisely what Leura resident Bob Montgomery plans to start on December 1 to raise awareness and money for motor neurone disease (MND). The former competitive cyclist and squash player will leave The Three Sisters in Katoomba, and pedal his bike about 150km a day to finish in Port Douglas, Queensland, about a month later, with only three rest days planned along the way. He has been training for the trek for two years, the past six months being the most intense.

Book Marks Mountains’ Foodie Renaissance

Blue Mountains Australia 9.12.16

Recognition for the Blue Mountains foodie scene has revved up, after Leura Garage restaurant hosted the launch of a new book last Tuesday December 6.

A dozen restaurants and producers from the region have been featured in the latest publication in the award-winning Flavours Of series produced by Melbourne-based Smudge Publishing.

The tome features beautiful photography, delicious recipes and the stories of the people behind the produce across seven sensational regions of the state.

Flavours of NSW explores the state’s amazing culinary scene to give locals and visitors alike an in-depth guide to NSW’ best, including the funky Leura Garage serving regional “fun dining” and Escarpment Group with 10 dining venues across Lilianfels Resort & Spa, Echoes Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, Parklands Country Gardens & Lodges with its kitchen garden and the world-famous Hydro Majestic Hotel.

Ability Options

The Leura Garage approached Ability Options with the intention of bringing on one employee to help with the morning set up of the restaurant. After meeting Job Support Consultant, Heidi Van Gender, who gave us a detailed explanation of the services and support that is provided by Ability Options, we decided to employ another two candidates.

Here is what Nicole, Conor and Tony who work to set up and clean the restaurant had to say:
“I am thankful for the chance to work in a stable and easy going environment. I have not worked for over 3 years and getting a job at the Garage has given me the chance to turn my life around, I have made friends, my work keeps me out of trouble and I get to make money.” Tony Holzman.
“Other places where I have worked, I was treated differently because of my disability, they thought I was fragile and incompetent, but at the Leura Garage I feel welcomed and am treated like a valued team member. I love the people I work with and am grateful to James for giving me the opportunity.
My supervisor Deb is always there to support me as well.” Conor Lawless.
“I like working here because I have the chance to make my workplace fresh and clean and look nice. All the staff are kind and friendly and I feel proud that I have accomplished something each day that I leave work.” Nicole Rein.

Closed Loop

The Leura Garage has been working with Closed Loop since 2015 to reduce its carbon footprint and operate in an environmentally conscious manner. Closed Loop environmental solutions are engineered to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.
Their main mission is: “At Closed Loop, we don’t see waste. We see unused resources. These resources are an asset with significant value that we can help you re-capture as cost savings. To achieve this, we have developed various solutions not only to help you recover resources, but to minimise their use as well. A full closed loop system can greatly improve your organisations financial and environmental performance.

To learn more about Closed Loop visit