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Covid 19 Update –

Welcome Back! We are now open ALL DAY EVERY DAY FROM 12:00 PM.

The full engine overhaul to our menu and reservation system is complete. Please note that due to Covid 19 restrictions our menu has changed – that’s right it’s even better.

Like you our engines are purring at the thought of being able to offer you dine in service at the BEST FUN DINING VENUE IN THE BLUE MOUNTAINS once more. We’ve been tinkering under the bonnet and look forward to taking you on a joy ride to new food and beverage destinations! Be sure to take advantage of our Famous Lamb Shoulder Dinner –  guaranteed to put lead in your petrol and keep you humming along the Road to Recovery.



  • Credit card details are required at the time of booking. $40 per person (dinner) and $20 per person (brunch/lunch) will be charged to your nominated card for any cancellations or “no shows” < 24hrs notice.
  • To ensure customer equitability and service efficiency maximum group size is 6pax (unless by prior arrangement with the restaurant) and maximum reservation time per sitting is 1hour45mins (dinner) and 1hour15mins (lunch)
  • Tight customer scheduling permits us to re book tables and welcome other guests whilst capacity is limited during Covid 19 restrictions. If you would like a longer seating time we suggest you book after 8pm.
  • We have a 15min grace period for late arrivals. If you do not arrive or contact the restaurant within this time it will be classed as a no show, your card will be charged $40 per person and table provided to another guest
  • We have NO HIGHCHAIRS onsite
  • Changing Covid 19 regulations may impact on our ability to offer you a confirmed reservation including but not limited to restricted seating capacity, lockdowns and health laws.
  • We reserve the right to restrict access or cancel a persons entry into our venue if we are of the opinion that they are exhibiting “flu like” symptoms
  • A 10% Surcharge applies on weekends and 20% Surcharge applies on public holidays

The leura garage is an award winning restaurant, cafe’ and bar located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Blue Mountains.

Engage your senses. Silky smooth tunes, sensual fragrances, inspiring textures, timber, steel, stone, leather, sublime flavours, tantric concoctions, smiling faces, modest but exceptional detail . . . be transformed by the leura garage experience.

Our passion for satisfying our customers exceeds that of an F1 Racing pit crew. We are a well-­‐oiled machine, we aspire to nothing less than precision service. Nothing is too hard or too small to keep the wheels of satisfaction rolling. As soon as our customer arrives they are met with a smiling face and taken on a “fun dining” journey. Our fuel is the best fresh, local food and wine from our region. The workshop is not just your average garage. We respect the community, the environment and engage sustainable practices. When the checkered flag drops our customer is the first to cross the line.